Just Doing Some Leather Craft Research… 

I was searching around on Google, trying to find cool new leather working ideas (this is something I often do to kind of keep myself up to date on new tools, techniques, etc). This is something I highly recommend. You can find some really cool stuff out there. As I did here when I found All The Wallets

I came across All The Wallets as they had posted a collection of  leather craft patterns from some really great leather workers. Immediately I felt a connection to this site. All The Wallets is a place dedicated to wallet reviews… What’s not to like? I looked up their Instagram and realized they had followed me a while back, but I had missed it. I’m not sure how. Their wallet reviews are truly helpful for those into EDC collecting or just those in the market for a good wallet. 

I thought it would be cool to see if they’d feature my templates on their page, so I reached out. 

Within a day, I received a reply from James, telling me All The Wallets would be happy to add me to their leather craft pattern list. I was honoured, to say the least, but he continued:

“We’re also in the process of developing an article for beginners of
leather craft/working[…]

If you’d like to contribute to the article then we’d be happy to add you as one of the brands.”

It was an unbelievable opportunity! I love helping people to get into leather work and I can go on about it for hours (which I’m sure you’re all aware of and James learned in my long-winded response). 


Go Check Out The Article at All The Wallets! 

It’s a great read and there are tips from other amazing leather crafters on there such as STR Handmade and Night Heron Leather. You are likely familiar with their leather work and I’m humbled to be featured on the same page as them. 

Give it a read: here

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