EDC Challenge Coin?

I started buying everyday carry (EDC) challenge coins as simple photo props for Instagram. That’s all it took and now I’ve become something of a coin addict. I love these things and just keep getting more. At the time of writing, I think I’m up to 9 coins total.

It all began when I grabbed one of Carpe Diem EDC’s Carpe Noctem coins quite a while back and thought it was pretty cool. Next I discovered Peter McKinnon’s Pete’s Pirate Life brand and he had just released his V1 coin. These coins have become pretty popular with a small(ish) community of EDC collectors. They still don’t make a lot of sense to a decent amount of the population, and that’s ok. It’s kind of one of those “if you know, you know” situations (where knowing involves spending too much money on a chunk of metal with no real value other than the look-good in photos factor). Before I knew it I had invested a decent amount of actual coin into big coins with cool designs that I can’t actually use to buy anything… Weird, I know.

The Coin Holder Wallet Design

There are a bunch of leather brands making little coin slips to carry these around and several brands that also make challenge coin wallets. When designing this one, I wanted it to be a really basic design and to be able to carry my two favourite coins: “The Commodore” by Vera Forma Leatherworks and “The Admiral” by Mendoza EDC. The design is essentially my Folded Card Holder Template but I had to make it a bit taller and modify one side of it. If you are a leather worker selling your stuff to a lot of the EDC community members, this should be pretty popular.

Want one?

If you’re looking to pick up an EDC challenge coin or two for your collection or for a photo prop, you’ll need to follow some of these brands that make them and wait for them to drop. They go super fast once released, so set reminders in your phone if you see a drop coming.

What You’ll Need:

  • Leather – about 1 sq foot of 2-3oz leather preferably
  • Thread – I like Ritza Tiger Thread 1mm
  • Basic leather tools (wing divider, stitching punch/chisel, needles, etc)

Watch the Video Here:



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