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Looking for a minimalist wallet that both holds your essentials and fits comfortably in your front pocket? My Slim Bifold Wallet is the answer.

Handmade. Not Mass Produced

As with all my leather goods, my Slim Bifold Wallet is made by hand, using the finest full grain leathers, and hand stitches with 1mm Ritza Tiger thread. Put simply, this wallet is ready to be abused.

It features a card slot and hidden pocket on the right side and a flap for quick access to cash or business cards on the right.

Why is This Slim Bifold Wallet Better Than The Rest?

If you’re new to high quality leather goods, these are not at all the same stuff you get when you buy a leather wallet from the big box stores. Full grain leather doesn’t crack and peel like those cheap bonded leathers. Instead, it just gets better with age.

Cheap leather products that you can pick up at big box stores are an inferior product. The bonded leather used in those products is made from the scraps of high quality full grain leather. These scraps are taken, glued together, and the surface is painted. That is why they crack and peel as the glue wears out.

This wallet is not even in the same league as that stuff. Feel free to use and abuse this wallet. Instead of degrading, it will develop a rich patina. I often tell my customers that their new wallet will probably outlive them, and although I’m only joking, it’s kind of true.


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