A Leather Valet Tray Looks Like a Square With its Corners Pinched Together

It is! But these valet trays are a staple in a leather crafter’s arsenal! They’re super easy to make, handy to have, and best of all: they sell! I admit, they aren’t the most exciting thing to make, but I know a good number of leather workers who bring a stack of these to craft fairs with them and sell out. 

Why do I need a Template for a Square Piece of Leather

Well… You don’t. You can cut whatever size piece of leather you want and just pinch the corners together and stitch, snap, or rivet the leather together. However, if you’re new to leather craft, printing out this template and following along with my video might just be a bit easier for you. If you do go the route of cutting your custom size tray, you can still use the corner templates included in the PDF to help you accurately punch the holes on the corners so they are all the same.

So… What Does One Do With a Leather Valet Tray?

Anything they want! I use mine to toss my keys and wallet and various knicknacks I carry with me every day. They’re a great catch-all for whatever is in your pockets. Not to mention: they make for good product photos!

What You’ll Need:

  • The free PDF Template below
  • Leather – about 1 sq foot of 4-5oz leather preferably
  • Thread – I like Ritza Tiger Thread 1mm
  • Basic leather tools (wing divider, stitching punch/chisel, needles, etc)
  • Line Snaps/Rivets and the appropriate setter/anvil if you desire

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