Ray-Ban Aviators are the King of Sunglasses

I’ve always loved Ray-Ban Aviators. I fell in love with them in high school but at that age, you don’t have much cash coming in and what money you do have goes to more important things (fast food and booze). Combine lack of funds with the fact that I have destroyed every pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned within about a year of buying them and I knew I wouldn’t be buying an expensive pair of shades anytime soon.

Fast forward to after high school. I was making more money and decided if I could keep a pair of cheap shades without wrecking them for over a year, I’d finally buy good ones. One year goes by and it’s time to pull the trigger. I go in, try on a bunch and find the exact pair of Aviators I’ve wanted for years. I pay for them and they hand them to me…

Why Do Nice Shades Com in a Garbage Case?

What is this weird pleather sunglasses case they put my beautiful new Aviators in?! It’s not even pleather! It’s straight up plastic with a weird leather grain imprinted into it. At the time, leather craft wasn’t even on my radar, but I still knew this was an outrage. I would have gladly paid a few dollars more for a half decent case. 

Fine. I’ll Do It Myself.

I carried that crappy plastic sunglasses case with me for a long time but it’s finally going in the garbage. I’ve designed the case my Aviators should have come in to begin with. No more garbage fake leather plastic. Just an amazing DIY leather sunglasses case worthy of such an iconic pair of shades.

For those of you out there with that sad Ray-Ban case: toss it out and click down below to get my leather sunglasses case pattern for free.

*Please Note: The PDF template prints out on a normal letter sized piece of paper. As such, it is too big to print on one page. You will need to print the PDF, cut it out, and tape the two pieces together to make one big paper template. Now use this to cut out ONE piece of leather. If you cut the template out and end up with 2 pieces of leather (excluding the nose piece inside), you’ve done it wrong. Please watch the video to see what I mean if this is unclear.

What You’ll Need:

  • The Free PDF Template Below
  • Thread – I like Ritza Tiger Thread 1mm
  • Basic leather tools (wing divider, stitching punch/chisel, needles, etc)
  • Glue
  • Line Snaps and the appropriate setter/anvil


Download PDF


Watch video on Youtube

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