Recently I was sent the WeCreat Vision 20w diode laser to test out and review. I have previously reviewed another laser but I was completely unprepared for this beast and was completely blown away by it!

WeCreat sent me the Vision free of charge

As always, I’d like to be transparent with you. WeCreat sent me the Vision free of charge for the purpose of the review. I have not; however, been compensated in any other way and am free to say whatever I want about it.

First Impressions

When this laser arrived at my door, I couldn’t believe how big it was. When I received a laser previously from a different brand, it basically arrived in a large shoe box and I had to assemble every piece.

The WeCreat Vision is obviously bigger as it is a fully enclosed laser, but it also comes almost completely assembled. I had to pull out some styrofoam, plug in 3 cables, the air assist tube, and screw on the wifi antenna and it was ready to go.

Unfortunately during the unboxing process I encountered a camera issue where I lost my footage and pictures, but there was almost nothing to it and then I had this pulled out and sitting on my workbench:

Turning on the WeCreat Vision

Once you get the machine all hooked up, you just flip the switch and it comes to life. The whole top starts lifting up on its own to give you so much room for activities.

After quickly dropping in the grates for the laser bed, you are ready to start… Lasering stuff…

Ok, so one thing I wish they had done was made the laser bed grates out of steel. That would allow you to use magnets to hold down the leather which can sometimes curl up and wrinkle. The grates they went with are nice, but they are aluminum and not magnetic.

A simple workaround would be to pick up a steel honeycomb laser bed off Amazon. They aren’t that expensive and should work with a set of magnets. This one should fit inside the Vision: You would have to just set it on top of the laser grates as I haven’t found one with the exact dimensions as the Vision, but I’m probably still going to pick one of these up.

The Laser Head Unit

The Laser Head unit in the WeCreat Vision is a 20w diode laser. This doubles the power on my previous laser and you can for sure feel the difference. No, this is still not as powerful as a CO2 laser, but at 1/5 of the cost, it’s a pretty good compromise.

They complement the powerful laser with an air assist pump which provides a stream of air to blow away soot and gives you more precise and crisp lines. Most other lasers, you need to buy this separate.

In my testing, the laser can easily cut through thick leather and a reasonable speed and can engrave really quickly. It has been perfect for cutting out patterns and I’ve been playing around with engraving some designs on my leather products.

The above wallet was completely cut out using the WeCreat Vision and the logo in the middle is engraved, not stamped. There are some really cool designs you can engrave using a laser. Dead Miners does a really cool plaid design using his laser.

The Best Feature

The WeCreat Vision comes packed with premium features that you just don’t get in other lasers around the same price point. The air assist and ventilation are amazing but the absolute best feature has to be the camera.

Having a camera in the lid is an absolute game changer! It allows you to hit the refresh button in the WeCreat software and get an image of exactly what is on the laser bed. You can then accurately position the pattern or whatever you are cutting/engraving on top of the material. No more guessing where it’s going to cut. It’s absolutely brilliant.

How’s the Software?

Honestly, iI was ready to hate it but I gave it a download and when I fired it up, I was pleasantly surprised. WeCreat MakeIt is super user friendly and really does everything I needed it to do. And that is coming from someone who has the paid version of Lightburn and is a big fan of it.

If you do want to use Lightburn with the vision, though, you are welcome to do so. There is a simple patch you can download and you’ll be off to the races.

So What do I Think of the WeCreat Vision?

Im ssure you’ve gathered this by now, but I love it! The thing just works. It’s packed full of premium features and is affordable (by laser cutter standards). I honestly think if you’re in the market for a diode laser, this is the best one you can get right now.

Go Pick One Up

If you are going to pick one up, use coupon code BFLG to get $100 off.

You won’t regret it!

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