I created this pattern to make my wife a nice leather Long Wallet for Christmas last year, replacing her busted up cheap big box store wallet. It turned out really nice and after posting pics of it to Instagram, I got a pretty positive response. 

The wallet does require a little bit of hardware, but honestly, it’s nothing too crazy. If you know how to set stamps and rivets, you’ll be fine. 

You could opt out of the hardware by simply leaving it out and doing a longer leather strap that wraps around the whole wallet to close it or just get rid of the strap completely. I would recommend keeping the snap on the coin pocket, though. Or you could swap it out for two card pocket panels. This pattern is pretty customizable. 

Is It a Clutch or a Long Wallet? 

I did originally design this as a sort of women’s clutch, but honestly it looks pretty gender-neutral and I think anyone can rock a handmade leather long wallet. 

Where’s the STL File? 

No 3D printer files on this one as it’s larger than the bed on my Ender 3. I may do one later in pieces that fit together but this video was a beast to film and I haven’t had time for that. 

I may also do a zippered variation on this one at some point. 

Here’s What You Will Need: 

  • 1-2 sq ft Leather – Ideally two colours to give a bit of contrast. I went fairly thick with 4-5oz SB Foot oil tanned. Thinner leather would work fine too, though. 
  • Normal leather tools – cutting tools, needle, thread, etc. 
  • Line snaps for the strap and coin pocket closures. I use these ones. 
  • Rivets – Either double cap or copper work. I use these double cap ones. 

If you’re interested in the Grog Tokonole Pen, you can pick one up here. Just fill it with a 50/50 mix of Tokonole and water. This will change the game for you. I promise. You can also check out my video on it here:

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If you want, you can check out my other free templates here, otherwise click below to download the leather Long Wallet pattern! 

Download PDF




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