Free Leather Craft Templates


Leather Notebook Wallet: Free Pattern and Step-by-Step Guide

 This leather notebook wallet is an easy leather craft project, but looks super slick. This stylish accessory is perfect for streamlining your everyday carry, and can be made easily with our free pattern and simple step-by-step guide. What You Need: Leather: For this project, we recommend using leather that is 3-4 oz in thickness. […]


Leather Long Wallet – Free PDF Pattern

 I created this pattern to make my wife a nice leather Long Wallet for Christmas last year, replacing her busted up cheap big box store wallet. It turned out really nice and after posting pics of it to Instagram, I got a pretty positive response.  The wallet does require a little bit of hardware, […]


EDC Challenge Coin Cardholder – Free PDF and 3D Printer Template

EDC Challenge Coin? I started buying everyday carry (EDC) challenge coins as simple photo props for Instagram. That’s all it took and now I’ve become something of a coin addict. I love these things and just keep getting more. At the time of writing, I think I’m up to 9 coins total. It all began […]


Leather Valet Tray FREE PDF Template

  A Leather Valet Tray Looks Like a Square With its Corners Pinched Together It is! But these valet trays are a staple in a leather crafter’s arsenal! They’re super easy to make, handy to have, and best of all: they sell! I admit, they aren’t the most exciting thing to make, but I know […]


Leather Sunglasses Case FREE PDF Pattern Template

Ray-Ban Aviators are the King of Sunglasses I’ve always loved Ray-Ban Aviators. I fell in love with them in high school but at that age, you don’t have much cash coming in and what money you do have goes to more important things (fast food and booze). Combine lack of funds with the fact that […]


Wrapped Leather Card Holder FREE PDF Pattern Template

This wrapped leather cardholder template is a super easy one. Great for beginners. It has been one of my best sellers and as I’m moving away into my version 2 cardholder, I figured I’d make this one available to you for free!   What You’ll Need: Leather – <1 sq ft of 4-5oz leather preferably […]


Leather Card Holder Free PDF Template

This leather card holder is based on one that I loved making when I was brand new to leather working. Please go give my video a like and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already!   What You’ll Need: Leather – <1 sq ft of 4-5oz leather preferably Thread – I like Ritza Tiger […]


Leather Cup Sleeve Template Video Plus Free PDF Template

This leather cup sleeve is the perfect beginner leather work project. It’s easy, looks sharp, and best of all: it sells! This fast became my best seller and it only takes about 20 minutes to make. I was originally selling this template on Etsy, but I’ve decided I’d rather give you guys a free PDF […]