I started started leather working in July of 2020. I got into it by following a bunch of leather workers on Instagram and engaging with the community there. Around the same time, Aaron Pete had started the Bigger Than Me Podcast. We started chatting as we both are located in the same city and we’re trying to engage other local businesses. 

We’ve been chatting ever since and have frequently discussed YouTube, podcasts, and content creation in general. 

Despite being friends online and living near each other, we had never met in person until now. Aaron reached out to me and asked me to come on the podcast to drink some whisky and basically discuss everything we’ve been talking about over the past two years. 

3 hours on the Bigger Than Me Podcast felt like ten minutes as we talked about everything from getting started in leather craft to making mayonnaise. 

It was truly an honour to be on the podcast. Aaron is an amazing interviewer and really made me feel like what I’m doing is important. 

You can check out the Bigger Than Me Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts as well as watch it on YouTube here:

Aaron, I really appreciated you having me on (and also the whisky). I’d be happy to come back any time! 

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