Back to Bloggin’!

I guess technically I never really was blogging… I started using this platform to write a few articles, but it was far from what I would consider a leather craft blog. It was really more of just a few articles I slapped together to get some information out there and possibly try to get a bit of link juice from Google (it didn’t work).

I’ve been working on reviving my website today. Some of it broke when I removed the shopping cart functionality and I never really had a chance to fix it. Among the broken bits were the home page and my contact form, both of which are looking great now. If you need to get a hold of me for whatever reason, you can do it here again!

The final piece to fix (website-wise) is the blog. I’m going to try to start posting more often, even if it’s just small updates and such. I like writing and I feel like this is a good medium to give you guys a bit of a behind the scenes look at things.

I’ve Ripped My Shop Apart

I would assume that if yo are here, you follow me on YouTube already. If you somehow found my website first, though: I’m currently renovating my YouTube set and leather shop. I have passed 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and decided it was time to get a little more serious. My leather shop is in my unfinished basement and there is a ton of potential to turn it into something awesome. It’s just a lot of work, so I have taken some time off of making videos to get it set up. 

Some improvements you can look forward to are: a proper looking set (not just a concrete wall with some random PVC pipe running through it), 3 different camera angles, improved sound quality, some new tools, better lighting, and more.

Learning Fusion 360

Something else I’ve been working on is learning how to use Fusion 360. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a CAD program that can be used to make intricate leather templates (among a ton of other things). It is my goal to be able to offer free templates to you that other leather craft YouTubers and companies would charge a decent amount for. The software I use currently lets me make some small stuff like wallets and such, but learning this will allow me to start making bags, purses, backpacks, etc.

Flooding in Southern BC

Unfortunately there as been some major flooding where I live which has cut us off from the rest of Canada by road. This has affected me getting a lot of the stuff I’ve ordered for the shop reno. It is still coming, it’s just delaying it by quite a bit. Once the shop is put back together, it’s going to be game on though. I can’t wait to get back to it!


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