Your Favourite Leather Working YouTuber is Back!


At least I hope I’m your favourite leather working YouTuber!

It was a much longer break than I was planning to take, but the leather shop is looking great and I got to have a bit of a rest. I also managed to do some leather crafting without having to take pics or videos, which was actually really nice. Sometimes if you are doing leather work to sell or for content, you miss out on some of the joy it brings you when you are just creating something as a hobby. It was a good reminder why I do leather craft. 


The Changes

There are a few changes coming to the YouTube channel this year! I go over them in detail in the video, but to quickly summarize:

  • Set Design – I had to move my workbench to maximize space in my basement. In doing so, I painted and made my set a bit more professional looking. I also added a second workbench to house my leather burnishing machine, arbor press, and 3D printer. I also tossed up a peg board to make my leather tools a bit more accessible 
  • Lighting – I’ve struggled with lighting since the very beginning. I’m in a dark basement with one small window. I’ve finally added several lights that adequately illuminate my work benches and will make it easier to see what I’m doing
  • Cameras – Speaking of seeing what I’m doing, I’ve added two more cameras. One is a top-down view above my workbench that will give an unobstructed view of my entire work surface. The other is a camera that I’m easily able to reposition as I work to get the trickier angles or just break up some of the monotony. 
  • Weekly Videos – there will still often be a weekly video; however, I’m not promising it. I really just want to create and do leather work without pressure. I will try to film every week but if my edit takes a bit longer, so be it. I don’t want to feel pressured to release something that isn’t finished. I will release when the edit is done and hopefully that works out to once per week

Leather Working Basics

I had a bunch of you reach out while I was off to request I do some more leather craft basics videos. Apparently I kind of skip over them when I’m making something in my videos. 

I’ve created a Leather Working Basics playlistLeather Working Basics playlist on the channel and I will be doing some videos for the leather craft newcomers soon. 

I won’t be releasing these all at once, just so I don’t inundate the channel with them for weeks. I’ll instead be mixing these into the usual content. 

These videos will likely be quite a bit shorter than usual, but should be super helpful for those just getting started in leather craft. 

I’m actually pretty excited to do these since I remember seeking them out when I first started in leather work. I don’t really know why I didn’t think to do this series before, but I’m happy that you guys reached out to get me on task! 

Other Stuff

I’m working on a bunch of other ideas too. I have a new leather pattern ready to go. I just need to film making it. 

Go check out my other free templates HERE while you wait for the new one to come out! 

I’m possibly going to be working on something with frickin’ laser beams that should turn into a cool series (or it doesn’t work and it’s a massive waste of time). 

The complete review of my Amazon leather burnishing machineAmazon leather burnishing machine is still in the works as well! I’ve had it for a while now and have been putting it through its paces. 

I’ve been learning to use a 3D printer and I’ll be doing some videos to show you how a 3D printer fits into leather craft. 

Overall I think it’s going to be a killer year for the channel. I’m absolutely stoked to be back and I think you’ll like everything I have in store. 

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